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Password Prizes

The paragrapgh below is a short version of the instructions for the game Password Prizes. If you have not done so, you should read Password Prizes before proceeding.

The words used when giving instructions are called sequencing words. Many people who learn English as a second language use ordinal numbers (first, second, third, ect.) when they should use sequencing words. If you are one of those people, try to use the squencing words in the table below when giving directions.

This edulib will help you understand how to use squencing words and give you valuable practice.As you will see, the sequence words are missing from the instructions below. Type the correct words from the words in the table into the text boxes. When you are finished click the submit button to see your results.

NOTE: There are more words than there are blanks. Some words may be used more than once.

NowFirstSecondly NextThen
WhileAfterAfter that ThirdFinally

divide into two teams. each team writes on index cards what it wants if it wins. each team writes 5 words on index cards. (one word per card) the teams put these cards in front of the other team. one member from team A draws a card. he/she gives one word clues to his/her teammates. a member from Team B takes a card and tries to get the players in Team B to guess the word. each team goes through five words, add up the score. the team with the lowest score wins.

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