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Richard Goes to the Hospital

An exercise using Idioms

The paragrapgh below is a short story about a man and his experience at the hospital. Fill in the blanks using the idioms in the table below. To fill in the missing words, type the correct idiom in the text boxes using the list of idioms provided. When you are finished click the submit button to see your results. NOTE: There are more idioms than there are blanks.

it's no wondermade a mistakeget rid of was running a feverhad a stomachache
right awayAfterhave cold feet what's the matterput it off

One day, Richard had an operation on his bladder. When he returned home from the hospital, he . Several days later, he was having a lot of pain and .

So,he went back to the doctor to find out what was wrong. The doctor took an x-ray which showed something large in Richard's stomach. Doctors decided to operate because they knew they needed to it. When they cut Richard open, they found a 2-foot-long towel in his stomach. Apparently, doctors left it inside him after the first operation. Richard was in pain.

Now that Richard is better, he has decided to take the doctors who to court.

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