Please read these Terms of Service carefully before completing the registration process of John's ESL Community Ecards.

By completing the registration process you agree to the following
Terms of Service

John's ESL Community offers its E-Card service free of charge; however, you must register your REAL NAME when registering to use this service. Any account suspected of using a pseudonym, pen name, alias, or AKA will be suspened from using our e-cards system.

  • You agree to use John's E-cards for it's intended purpose.

  • You agree to send e-cards to only those people who you know and with whom you have an existing relationship. 

  • You will not send spam, nor will you cause spam to be sent by a third party.

  • You will not use John's ESL Community E-Cards to send nor attempt to send any type of unsolisited email.

  • You will not, nor will you allow your account to be used to send mass emails to individules regardless of your relationship with recipients of said email. 

  • You will not, nor will you allow your account to be used to send advertisements for products or services of any kind, including products or services available on Johnsesl.com.

  • You will not give your login information to any third party. Noone from John's ESL Community will ever email you asking for your password. If you receive such an email, please forward it, complete with the headers, to admin@johnsesl.com. 

You agree to receive updates by email from the administrators of John's ESL Community E-cards. Said email will not include any advertising and will only be sent if said updates directly affect your account. An example of such updates include, but are not limited to:

  • new category added

  • new subcategory added

  • new cards added

If you do not wish to receive these updates by email, please do not continue with the registration process. If you continue and later decide you do not wish to receive these updates, you may opt-out by canceling your membership.

If you cancel your membership, you will still have access to John's ESL Community, but you will not have access to the member's area of John's ESL Community E-Cards.